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Happy New Year everyone!

New year, new goodies right?  I told you that I’d try to get more deals and sales on here this year, so there nowhere better to start than with a very important baby item.  Let’s talk about getting a great deal on brand new strollers that have just arrived at Pish Posh Baby.  One of their representatives contacted me yesterday during my big Pinterest binge to let me know that they’re taking pre-orders on new strollers for 2014.  These range from jogging strollers that every mom can appreciate AND afford to posh buggies fit for Duchess Kate.

baby jogger kits

The City Select Collection is like a modular set of stroller equipment.  Right now you can order the plain seat, a second seat kit to add to the first seat (makes it last if you have another child soon!), a bassinet kit if your little one is still an infant, or a double stroller with a tiered design.  No more fighting about who gets to sit in the front!

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2014 has gone through a small update since last year’s model, giving it a different harness and new colors.  This errand-friendly stroller is nice and narrow to get through the aisles and has a swivel front wheel to help keep you from bumping into those middle-of-the-walkway displays. {$249.99}

The City Mini 4 Wheel 2014 also went through a harness update and color change for this year.  This is one of their heaviest models, but it’s also a durable 4-wheel stroller that’s great for park trips. {$259.99}

The Baby Jogger Fit 2014 looks like a sporty, take the children on your jog kind of stroller and I’m really liking it.  This has a nice padded, reclining seat for baby with a large canopy so that it’s comfortable for long trips.  It also has a hand break for mom to have better control in rougher terrain.  (And doesn’t that color scheme just beg to be paired with cute workout clothes?) {$299.99}

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2014 has durable wheels and lots of storage.  The best thing for me about this one is the color choices.  This stroller just screams sophisticated-New-York-mom to me.  Definitely feel free to click on the name of it to check out the different colors that are available, especially the new teal.  {$349.99}

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2014 is a bigger, heavier version of the City Minis.  This gives it a much higher weight capacity and lets them add more bells and whistles like a soft console storage area.  Because we all need somewhere to put the phone while it’s playing Disney songs on loop.  {$399.99}

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 2014 is another stroller that just begs, “Please take me out and be active!”.  This has a ventilated seat and weather cover.  It also has rear drum brakes that let you get better control of the stroller if you’re traveling in a hilly area. {$429.99}

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2014 is an agile double stroller that’s been kept slim so that you’re not struggling to get through the store without bumping into every rack along the way.  This model can be folded up quickly so that you’re not struggling with it while you’re trying to get two wiggling children back into their car seats.  {$449.99}

There is also a GT Version of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2014 that among it’s list of bells and whistles features a different wheel system and an adjustable height handle. {$579.99}

This Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic Collection is the posh and padded mother of all modern buggies.  Why aren’t these still used more widely here in the states?  It reminds me of a modernized version of the Victorian buggies that allowed infants to travel in style while mom showed off their gear.  This buggy is made with soft premium micro-fleece material to keep baby nice and comfortable.  The wheels can adjust to different settings for different terrains including a stable setting for getting through snow. {$1,049}

All of these strollers are available for pre-order now with their availability expected to be in early February, so get your order in!

One of the giveaways this year on Diary of a Determined Momma will be for a stroller, so make sure to let me know which of these you like in the comments to help guide me toward the right one for you!


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