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So I was doing a mad-dash through some coupon download sites and checking them against our store’s flyers when I decided to go look for some free samples.  It’s not hard since I tend to keep a big folder of emails from companies I’ve signed up with.  I wanted to share some!

turkish tea

Free Tea for you AND friends

Go here to Yogi’s current Facebook promotion.  You can send 2 samples of free tea and some coupons to a friend on your list.  You do not have to have their address for it, Yogi takes care of that part.  Also look before you send it for a little link that asks if you’re new to their products.  Click it to have the same little care package sent to your home as well.  Because it’s cold, and tea.

Free Kotex Samples

U by Kotex is giving away sample packs here.  Choose from regular and super.  You can get a couple different varieties of tampons along with matching pads or just pads if that’s your preference.  Even if this isn’t your normal brand, you can give it a shot and have extras in your purse for emergencies.

Free PediaCare Samples

Before you click the banner, read: In order to qualify for the free PediaCare samples from clicking the banner below you must chooser either 4-5 or 6-8 for the first question and choose “Walgreens” for the answer to the second question!

Free Baby Carrier

They’re running this promotion again over at Seven Slings!  It is one of the deals where you still need to pay shipping, but it’s worth it for a $40 baby sling.

Free Points for Kellogg’s Family Rewards

We go through a lot of cereal and Cheez-Its (for Big Bug’s lunches).  How about you?  Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards using the picture below to get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands.  The use the codes HOLLYJOLLYCOSTCO and EARNSWEETREWARDS to to get an extra 50 points per code.  Nothing like starting your reward account off with 100 sweet bonus points.

Free Powerade

Okay, so this one is really dependent on your grocery store.  Our Powerades are always $1.00.  This coupon is $0.50.  HOWEVER, our Kroger doubles coupons up to a dollar, making the Powerade free.  We absolutely stash drinks like this for when the weather is warmer and Mr. Determined has a lot of yard work to do.  Print the coupon here.

Free Yogurt {Kroger Only}

THIS FRIDAY ONLY (January 10th) download a digital coupon for one (1) FREE 5.3 oz cup of Greek Yogurt. Includes Activia Greek, Activia Greek Light, Light & Fit Greek, Yopa!, Oikos and Stonyfield Greek.  You can use the coupon anytime through January 25th.

Find a great freebie or know one that’s coming up soon?
You can let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at


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