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I am a total sucker for Valentine’s Day.  Everything turns pink and red, and I have a perfectly good excuse to get a babysitter for a night of champagne and fun with Mr. Determined.  I love that guy to bits.  This will be our third Valentine’s Day together and I’m surprising him with a big package of goodies to celebrate.

affordable date night goodie basket #KYdatenight #ad #cbias

I’ve also started making a gift for a couple who are friends of the family.  They’re currently trying to conceive so that they too can get a babysitter, then come back to precious kids.  Anyone who’s gone down that TTC path can tell you that sometimes all of the charting and reading can make it feel like more of a chore than a special moment.  It becomes really easy to lose that intimacy that’s normally in abundance this time of year.  I want to help them change it into a great night where they can forget all of the other things attached to their special moment together.

Great Ideas For An Intimacy Basket

Massage Oils or Lotion- because there’s something to all of those shirts that say, “All Mommy wanted was a massage.”  Touch is a great way to share your love for each other and begin an intimate night.  We’re all a little stressed and could use a great rub-down, right?

Candles- Turn off the harsh lights and grab a set of candles.  You can go with classic tea lights or jar candles to set up around the room to allow for some light.  This is a great, inexpensive way to prepare the room for your date.  I have an obsession with scented candles, so even when we’re just watching movies there’s usually one going.  Make sure you either get candles with the same scent or complimenting ones.  (My favorite compliments are citrus with vanilla or cinnamon with pine.)

lingerie basket liner  #KYdatenight #ad #cbias

Lingerie- Especially if you’re expecting to get that close for Valentine’s Day, lingerie can be a great confidence builder.  You don’t have to stick to the basics.  You can pick up a lace chemise for under $15 at Walmart to help you feel like your gorgeous self.  I ordered this one online at along with the other goodies and unpackaged it so that I could use it for a lace liner to the basket.

Special Items for that Special Moment- I used to be one of those women who sold intimacy products to lots of women at parties.  If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s that the time you’re closest to your partner at night is so very important.  I don’t know how many thank you notes I received for helping women reignite that part of their marriage.  I added something I’d never seen before to this basket to help forget the chore part of intimacy.  It’s a special kind of couples lubricant that works for both the man and woman in different ways.  (If I told you that I got a second set for myself, Mr. Determined would be angry so I just won’t tell you.)  I scored a limited edition pack that’s on shelves right now.  It has credits for which delivers high-quality (fancy) ingredients to your door for a night of cooking gourmet meals together and a credit for Vudu so you can get a movie for your date night.

k-y bonus gift  #KYdatenight #ad #cbias

Candy- This doesn’t have to be your standard mixed chocolates in a cardboard heart.  Make it something special that lets your partner know that it’s really about them!  I asked what their favorite chocolates were and went with that.  There are York Peppermint Patties for him and Simple Pleasures Dark Chocolates for her.  It’s tailored to their tastes and that’s what makes it unique to them.

date night chocolates #KYdatenight #ad #cbias

With this basket you can have a candle-lit massage while eating dark chocolates.  Then slip into your lacy confidence to enjoy a very special moment of intimacy.  After that you can break open a bag of your favorite (champagne friendly) chocolate treats to snuggle up and watch a movie together.

What would you put in your basket?
Let me know in the comments below.


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