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City Mini 2013 Single Stroller $60 Off

If there’s one baby gear regret that I have, it’s definitely the stroller we used.  We had what my mom often referred to as the “Cadillac of Strollers”.  It had all of the extra features, fancy electronics, holders for this and that, and baskets for this and that.  It was humongous and great for playing at the park, but it was clunky and hard to turn, and overall wasn’t very practical.

I wish I hadn’t felt like I needed to use it and only it because of how expensive it was because I really would have loved to have had a jogging stroller.  We used to go for walks/runs around the neighborhood and through the mall.  It would have been spectacular to have a lighter stroller that moved with me a little better.

Pish Posh Baby reached out to me so that I could let you know that they have a huge clearance sale going on for their jogging strollers right now.  This isn’t one of those two-items-nobody-wanted sales, but a huge selection of strollers with a lot of different shapes and features.  Not only is this something great to pick up for outdoor walks when the snow melts, it’s wonderful for taking with you to the store or mall where you need to be able to maneuver between crowds of people and racks of goodies.

The clearance joggers go up to 35% off and that includes double jogging strollers.  I had a hard time finding just a double stroller at all when I needed one, so seeing a big selection of these makes me 1) happy to see that there are affordable options for moms who have their children close together and 2) miss the time when my boys still sat happily in their stroller and let mom push them around.

boys in their stroller
I still have this stroller even though they’ve outgrown it. I miss these times a lot.

Check the selection out and let me know
what you favorite one is in the comments!

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