Batter Babies For Making Two-Toned Cupcakes

I adore the name of this product.  Go ahead, say it out loud and giggle.  Batter Babies.  These little food-grade plastic batter “shields” work as dividers in your cupcakes, allowing you to fill up each side with a different color or flavor.  I love that these products are made right here in Ohio.  They’re really simple to use and lots of fun for the kids to help with.  We decided to use ours to make Halloween-colored blueberry muffins for breakfast before school.  (Note: I know Halloween colors are black and orange.  Little Bug begged for purple instead of black for “his side” of the muffin.  We compromised at dark purple.)

Halloween Inspired Blueberry Muffins

Using The Batter Babies For Halloween Muffins

A mistake I made is not using cupcake liners and just going “bare tin” instead.  The Batter Babies still worked great, but I had to hold them fairly firmly in place to keep them from sliding.  With a cupcake liner, as I learned with a later batch, the ridges in the liner do that job for you.  You place the Batter Babies into the tin or liner.

batter babies shield

Then you can fill up each side of the divider.  We decided to do two different colors with the same flavor, but you can do different flavors with the same color for a surprise or two different colors and flavors (more on a favorite combination there later).

Take out the Batter Babies before baking your goodies. . . because roasted plastic is gross, and nobody wants that.  They actually slide out really easily without taking more than just a tiny bit of batter with it.  I was expecting it to stick a little more.  Maybe I could get better with them over time, but they weren’t a perfect straight line.  It was really close to being one though when you compensate for how much they rose when they baked.  Something especially wonderful for me is that once we’re done, these can just be tossed in the dishwasher and re-used.

batter babies split muffins

This would be great with a liner and icing because it’s something completely unexpected underneath.  You guys know already how much I’ve always wanted to own a bakery, so this lets me add ideas to my big list of flavors and recipes in my notebook.  Some combinations we’ve done and some we’re considering are:

  • one half lemon cupcake with chopped strawberries, one half strawberry cupcake with lemon zest, vanilla buttercream icing to finish it off. (Done!)
  • one half German chocolate cupcake, one half peanut butter cupcake, hardened chocolate shell to top it
  • one half pumpkin cupcake, one half cinnamon cupcake, buttercream frosting with another touch of cinnamon on top for garnish.
  • vanilla cupcake, one half of it blue and one half of it red, with buttercream icing topped with red and blue pop-rocks for the 4th of July.
  • TMNT Cupcakes- vanilla cupcakes, green on one side, and the color of that turtle’s bandana on the other (purple, orange, blue, or red).  Cover the bandana section with matching colored icing and use two chocolates for eyes.  Then on the green side a dab of red for the mouth, possibly outlined with black gel because comic books sure love heavy outlines.
  • Yin-Yang Cake- honey cake on one side, matcha cake on the other (these are INCREDIBLY different tastes that pair well), light vanilla frosting with a little drizzle of honey on top.

What combination would YOU make with Batter Babies?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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