Smart Ways To Hide Cleaning Detergents From Your Kids

Keeping your home safe is something, which every person has to consider very carefully. Especially when the first kid appears. After all, your home is the place where you and your family have to feel comfortable and secure. On the other hand, this may turn out to be a very difficult job, if your little discoverer decides to go on an exciting trip around the house and freaks you out every time he/she passes by the door of the closet. Cleaning detergents are one of the biggest dangers in your home, since they contain a lot of poisonous ingredients, which your curious kid can swallow. They look fancy and attractive, and in most cases this become the main reason for some really bad home accidents. So, in order to prevent your family from such situations, I’d suggest you some smart ways to keep them away from your children.


Keep them high (the detergents, of course, not the kids)

Perhaps the best way to keep cleaning detergents out of the kids’ sight, is to put them on the highest shelf of your closet. It definitely makes sense, doesn’t it? But you will be surprised to find out that a lot of people forget this and use the most comfortable drawers and shelves, which in most cases are visible and attract the little, naughty hands. If you don’t have suitable shelves in the kitchen or in the closet, you will have to put some. In fact there are very creative solutions for such problems. You can either buy something new and fancy, or use your imagination and put in practice some of your personal ideas.


Make drawers your best friends!  A very good idea is to buy a dresser, which drawers can be locked. Then find some suitable place which you can use to hide the key and your problem is half-solved. We say half, because kids nowadays can be very resourceful and you can never be sure whether the little, insignificant jewelry box is good enough for keeping this key in it.


Cover up some of the biggest detergents. You can use some of your old shoe boxes and make some improvised locking mechanism. When you are in the kitchen, for instance, you cannot devote all your attention on the kids. They crumble all around the house and always find a way to get into some trouble. But if you manage to disguise properly all the dangerous cleaning detergents, which don’t fit in the highest shelf of the stand, you will save yourself a lot of worries about their health and safety.

In the bathroom…

Always keep an eye on your kid when it comes to the evening shower. Shampoos and soaps can be also very dangerous. Today stores are full of colorful shower gels and shampoos for children. They have charming cartoons on their packing and smell of strawberries and bananas. Although you have never thought of this as a potential risk, your children may come up with the ‘bright’ idea to experiment and see if their favorite shampoo tastes just as irresistibly, as it smells.

The last way we offer is suitable for those of you, who have tried everything else and discovered, that in their case nothing actually works. Lie! We know it is not a very good idea to make some stories up in order to freak out your kid. So, if you feel guilty, you just need to remember, that on the other side of this coin is their safety. Invent something scary, which can keep your child away from the detergents. Of course, the point is to protect him/her, not to get the hell out of the poor kid. So don’t go too far.


About our guest Author: Emma Trevisani is blogger and writer. She loves to spend time with her family and to manager her Finchley cleaning agency. She likes to share her ideas with her readers.


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