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Once upon a time there was a mom who had to leave her career behind and come home to be with two squirming, lovely little boys.  She soon discovered blogging.  She had the wonderful experience of being able to work at home, but the terrifying aspect of self-employment: no health insurance.  The aches and pains of aging along with shoulder tendonitis caused by too much time spent writing cost her a small fortune to have monitored while paying out of pocket.

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It’s true.  While I do make a decent income from this blog (Thanks to you guys, I love you bunches.) I don’t quite make enough to pay for private insurance for the kids and I.  We do it all out of pocket and doctors are expensive.  Little Bug’s fourth birthday is coming up and that means more immunizations and checkups to remind me that my babies aren’t babies anymore.  I was excited to get to go check out the Walgreens healthcare clinic down in Columbus and see if it would give my wallet a break.

A Clinic INSIDE the Pharmacy?

They have staff waiting to diagnose and treat minor problems, as well as give immunizations when needed (if your family does them).  I decided to check them out for myself before taking the kids in.  My shoulder’s a big ache-filled jerk.  That either means I’m still struggling with tendonitis or I’m getting old.  One of the two, or both, maybe.  Mostly I just sit on the laptop way too much and the doctor puts me on exercises, then charges me a house-payment to examine it for me.

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Not Getting Ripped Off By The Pediatrician Ever Again

There are signs around the store to let you know what the clinic can do for your family.  This one below shocked me.  I paid over $500 to get Big Bug’s Kindergarten exam and immunizations at the pediatrician, so that’s pretty much what I was expecting for Little Bug’s upcoming appointment.  Just the exam itself was twice as expensive as it is here.  This is going to be a lifesaver for our out-of-pocket costs with both kids over the next year, especially if they decide to pick up a sport that takes even more exams.  Lesson learned!

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Monday-Friday Only Doctors?  Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

Speaking of the kids’ exams, we had to borrow the car from Mr. Determined and drop him off at work since our pediatrician is only available Monday through Friday during working hours.  That can be problematic for our single-car family since his job sometimes requires him to drive across the state at the drop of a hat.  Were I still a working Mom, that would have meant having to take off to get the kids to the doctor.  Not to mention that when I was a manager with no paid time off, that would have meant a horrific reduction in my check that week.  Luckily, the clinic at Walgreens is still open in the evening and on weekends when it’s convenient for people working a 9-5 job.

Our clinic was pretty packed while I visited and I’m too impatient to even wait for 10 minutes, so I decided to use the kiosk’s schedule feature instead.  You can do this online from home too, but I wanted to play with the touchscreen for a while.  I could go into their system and schedule an ache & pain appointment for me, checkups for the boys, shots for the littlest guy, and even schedule a checkup for the man of the house against his will.  Then I can sit in the waiting area when it’s time or wander around finding more cosmetics for my arsenal.

Getting checked in for a walk-in or even scheduling an appointment for a convenient time is super-easy:

clinic collage #HealthcareClinic #shop

If you want to see Miss Angel’s new cut from the groomer while she begged me to stay home, the nail polish I wanted to buy for my sister’s wedding, and the rest of my trip, there are pictures over at my Google+ page.


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  • August 27, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    DANG, girl! $500 for all that? You definitely need to start using Walgreens healthcare clinic more often. When I didn’t have insurance, that’s where I went. Now that I have insurance, I still go to a clinic because I have an aversion to doctor’s offices. 🙂
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