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Many of you know I’m an aspiring author.  I don’t really count the poems and short stories that have been published so far.  I’m going for the big goal and writing a sci-fi novel.  I work on this project daily and it takes up a huge chunk of my free time after the kids go to bed.  I hope to have it finished and polished before the end of the year so that I can start putting it into publishers’ hands and convince (beg) them to make it into a book.  Seriously, getting a book published would validate my spending so much time in writing classes and dedicating so much of the last year to that pursuit.

destruction with flag

In its most basic form the story line revolves around a woman who is a “walker”, a human with an extended life caused by the chemicals used to end the world.  Her companion early in the book is a much younger woman with a shortened life (just referred to by walkers as mutants out of disgust or pity).  No zombies (sorry my fellow geeks), but lots of power plays and fighting for survival among the little bit of society that remains.  Most of the population died out 72 years before and society is slow to rebuild with such limited resources.  Farms are few and far-between, growing what can barely be described as food.  Buildings have burned and crumbled, leaving major cities a mess of scrap metal and concrete.  A few groups have relearned skills lost seven decades ago when the world fell apart and set up basic trading posts for bartering.  Most of what is bought and sold is scavenged, pieced together, or stolen.  Very little is made new.

Since it’s set a couple hundred years in the future, I’ve taken some liberties with the fashion and made it my own.  The funny thing about fashion is that humans aren’t likely to ever start going nude, so even in the wasteland following the end of society as we know it, people are still going to be concerned with what to wear for protection from the elements and prying eyes.  Here are some rough ideas of the main character’s (and her companion’s) outfits as they wander the wastelands that used to be the middle of America.



Cool-headed walker with plenty of time to scavenge for appropriate clothes.  Being a child of the last generation to live in real society, she has some of her mother’s clothing including a jacket and hat from a Halloween costume.  She has a more traditional style in line with what was being worn when society fell.  Under her jacket, Asla keeps two handguns in holsters, a small bag slung across her body, and another small bag at her hip.  The only thing visible is her pack during travel.  She only wears one piece of jewelry, although she has a small stash of it in her possession.  Asla keeps her father’s antique pocket-watch around her neck and checks it frequently to determine when the day will be ending.

(Unique pieces I love: Penny Rocker Hip and Holster Bag and Victoria Station Pocketwatch Pendant)



Young mutant with a spunky personality and a lot of knowledge about the surrounding areas from working and trading with caravans.  She has a large metal brace on one leg that goes from her hip to her ankle.  Ves comes to Asla with only a corseted top, cut pants, and scavenged shoes used for working in a local field.  During an early part of the book, Ves obtains a Scalder’s (think ruthless gang of barbarians) jacket.  Ves and Asla trade the other spoils from the Scalders at a post to get her a recovered cloche hat with tattered ribbon flowers, bags, a pistol of her own, and materials for threading, weaving, and braiding jewelry.  Her ability to recreate designs long-since forgotten is valuable to traders and proves useful later in the book.

(Unique pieces I love: Harbinger of Death Jacket and Blaster 4.0 Bag.  The blaster one sold out, so the Ms. Monneypenny Midnight Holsters will just have to do!)

Do you see anything in there that you would wear?
Tell me in the comments below.


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