Jungle Snake Nail Art with Fimo

This is part two of our Fimo Nail Art Series.
Part One- Hello Kitty Inspired Bow Nail Art

Fimo Color Shot
Out of the craft room and into my beauty routine.

My skills with a brush are limited, especially when I’m working on my own nails.  Instead of struggling with my nail polish, removing it, and started again over and over I’ve decided to start working with Fimo brand modeling clay to create some fun accessories for my nails.  I asked Staedtler if they would help out and send me some of their amazing clay so that I could teach you how to make simple accessories for your mani/pedi too.

jungle snake nail art tutorial

I had promised you guys that we’d use up the pink from part one in part two, but I ended up doing this look and loved it so much that it’s going to interrupt.  I love the coloration on coral snakes and decided to make a set of coral snake nail adornments to go with a coral snake ring.  Let’s start with the ring since it’s easier to work on the larger scale.  For this, you’re going to need black, red, and yellow.

fimo clay tubes for snakes

You’ll want about the same amount of red and black, with about 2/3 of that amount in yellow.  Roll the balls of clay out into thick tubes.  Cut the black and red into chunks and the yellow ones into discs.

clay snake before rolling

Place your disks of yellow in between the black and yellow chunks, pressing them together firmly to make one long chain.  they don’t have to be perfectly even, just stuck together.

clay snake rolled

Roll out your snake to the desired thickness for your ring.  At one end of the snake, roll the black or red clay into a ball and pinch it between your fingers to make the signature diamond shape of a snake head.

clay snake head

Roll the snake around the biggest part of your finger, starting with the tail.  This will ensure it is big enough to slip on and off when you’re finished.  Very carefully remove it from your finger and place it on your tile or baking sheet.

snake ring sizing

Now for the nail adornments.  Start with the same clay.  Roll out your initial tubes of clay around half as thick as you did for the ring and begin to cut the tubes in the same proportions as you did with the ring except for the yellow.  Make the discs for your yellow a little thinner than before.

snake roll for nails

Follow the same procedure as the ring.  Black chunk, yellow disk, red chunk, yellow disc, etc.  Roll this out very thin and cut into around 1/2 inch strips.  Roll each strip with your finger to get a taper on the tail.

sizing snakes on nail

On the opposite end, pinch and form the head just like with the ring.  Then begin making shapes on top of your nails.  This will have two purposes.  One, it will help you with measuring the size of the snake.  Two, it will help give your snakes the curve of your nail before you bake them.  Take the snakes off of your nails and bake them alongside your ring according to the instructions on your Fimo packaging.

snakes before baking

Let your ring cool then lay it on a clean sheet of paper.  Varnish the top with Fimo’s water-based varnish.  After a half hour, flip it over and varnish the other side.

Once your snakes are cool, it’s safe to apply them to your nails.  I painted my nails a jungle green.  Then I attached each snake  with nail glue.  I did my top coat after applying the snakes and painted right over them to give them a nice shiny coat and help to seal them down to the nail.

sealing down jungle snakes

On a side note: I’m very happy to announce that these nails lasted through washing the dishes for the next three days after I put them on!

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Staedtler was kind enough to give me a sample of Fimo clay to create these looks.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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