House Hunting Is Making Me Rage

I think at this point I’d be happy if I never saw another real estate listing again.  Over the last week I’ve seen over 150 online, 10 in person, and none of them were the right fit for us.  It’s making me want to go all She-Hulk on the laptop.

Brooke Smash Overpriced Houses
Brooke Smash Overpriced Houses

The biggest frustration comes from price, of course.  The big beautiful house we left behind was bought for $235,000 and had another $30,000 or so put into it to get a nice finished basement.  It sold last year for only around $90,000.  That’s right, around 33% of what we paid and put into it.  It was in a great subdivision, but the market in that state crashed hard.  So when we started looking for a new home, our hopes were high to get a good deal!  It’s only been a year, and the market couldn’t be too different up here right?  Wrong, so very wrong.

Not only are people in this area still selling their homes at the high mark, they’re actually jacking the prices up to sometimes $20,000 more than what they built the house for a decade ago.  No upgrades or anything, just because they feel that their house is worth that much.  It’s absolutely infuriating.

Don’t get me started on some of the Realtors selling the homes.  I actually saw a listing that was glaringly obvious that it was overpriced, like $50,000 more than all of the houses in that neighborhood overpriced, and the Realtor left a remark on the listing saying to completely ignore the estimate of the property because it’s way too low for this special snowflake house.  (Pompous Douchecanoes.)

My Realtor is awesome though.  You guys might know from Facebook discussions that Mr. Determined is a very spoiled, picky, grumpy old man.  He grew up on several wooded acres in a nice big house and that’s what he wants for himself.  Jim took us to see houses on Memorial Day weekend (seriously great, who works on Memorial Day weekend?) and I even really enjoyed two of them, but the mister wants to keep looking.  Seeing them made him realize how much he hates the idea of looking out of the back window and being able to see inside someone else’s home.  (You’d never know from me being a blogger, but face-to-face we’re actually rather private people.)  The more he sees, the more he comes home and tells me we’re going to have to go higher, go more expensive, and it makes me want to get sick and then go sit in a corner with chocolate ice cream.

Our big beautiful 3,000 square foot home sold for $90,000.  His parents live in a house just as large with a 2-acre lot for $200,000.  I cannot find a house even close to those homes on a postage stamp lot for under $250,000.  And that’s pushing it, usually with a sub-par school district.  While we can afford $250,000, I don’t wanna.  Seriously, I don’t want to end up in the situation I see a lot of friends in where they can afford their home, their cars, and little else.  I want to have enough to put back for a comfortable retirement on a lake someday, far away from the rest of the world.


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