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When it comes to skin care many parents forget to cover the basics with their kids. Sure they will put on sunblock at the beach, but day to day skin care is often overlooked. Here are some helpful tips to cover with your kids:

  1. Sunblock daily – You should not just put on sunblock when you go to the beach. Even through clothes children and adults are exposed to harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. That is why you should apply sunblock every day and even more often than that if you are working outside or getting wet. Many lotions come with sunblock in them now so that you can just do it all at once, which is great for kids.
  2. Body lotion –Skin covers your whole body, so why wouldn’t you make sure it all gets taken care of? Stretch marks, scars, brown spots and wrinkles all start out from bad skin care regimens. Encourage your children to use lotion after they get out of the bath or shower to preserve their skin and have healthy, young looking skin their whole lives.
  3. Face cream –While the rest of your body can handle just about any lotion, your face is more sensitive. Using body lotion on your face can lead to blackheads, break outs, and clogged pores. Instead use a cream that is especially made for your face. From oily to dry to normal every face is different. Help your children to find a cream that works with their skin type.
  4. Eye cream –Last but not least is your eyes. They are the most sensitive to creams and lotions so you should never use anything on them unless it is especially made for eyes. Children can be extremely sensitive to itching and burning around the eyes, so a hypoallergenic formula is recommended. By using eye cream you can prevent dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles from forming.

Teaching your kids proper skin care starts from a very young age. Do not wait for them to become teens before you talk to them about their skin. Make it a habit from childhood and you will give them healthy skin for life!

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