Does ItWorks Really Work?

When ItWorks Distributor Gina offered to let me try one of her wraps, I jumped on it like a tired mom on coffee.  I’ve always wanted to give them a shot, especially with both beach and wedding season right around the corner.  I managed to shrink my stomach significantl while on my diet last year, but I still have that standard mom-pooch that comes with back-to-back pregnancies and c-sections.  I was determined to make the absolute best of the wrap she sent me, so I did a lot of research.  Let’s talk about how I prepared for this.

Diet Prep

I knew my wrap was coming this week, so I started with my diet plan for the week.  I stuck to lots of fruits and veggies with some chicken dishes.  Rather than prepare chicken for dinner with seasonings or sauces that may have a lot of preservatives and other ickies in it, I went simple with some homemade salsa over chicken breast.  This was a great time to experiment more with the Paleo diet that a friend of mine follows.  Summer over at Dirty Floor Diaries has a lot of great Paleo meals that won’t add unnecessary toxins to your body while you’re flushing out what’s already there.

I already don’t drink soda anymore, so drinking water comes naturally to me.  The key to these wraps is the water!  Seriously, half your body weight.  No exceptions. This will be a hundred times easier for you if you do this for a week or so before you wrap because you’ll already be in that mentality.  I also made some green tea with honey and pomegranate juice to go with the water.

the mom pooch
Tattoo’d mom pooch, 3 years post-pregnancy

Originally I was planning on just putting the wrap on under a compression tank top, but after getting it out of the package I decided I’d saran wrap over it for the sake of not having my shirt absorbing all of the cream.  Note to anyone trying this soon: Put the wrap somewhere warm for a few minutes before you put it on.  Even if you’re just holding it for a few minutes, putting it on when it’s really cold is not a pleasant experience.  I was not prepared for how big the wrap was.  It goes from the bottom of my bra to my c-section scar and two wings go around to the back on each side.

itworks wrap
The wrap easily covered my entire belly and love handles.

Did you ever use vapor rub when you were sick as a child?  That sensation is kind of what it feels like to use the wrap.  It tingles, but it’s not at all unpleasant.  I left mine on for about an hour and drank a glass and a half of water.  The rest of the day was finished off with another 50 ounces of water and tea.

The Results

Here’s the big question: Did it work?  I would say yes.  It definitely did.  These wraps work over 72 hours.  I left mine on for around 2 hours and took all of my measurements at the a couple inches above my belly button, at my belly button, and a couple inches below (halfway down my rose).  The measurements in inches are below.

after itworks wrap
Not perfect still, but sides curve in more and the pooch’s bottom doesn’t fold as much.


  • Top- 26.75
  • Middle- 27.5
  • Bottom- 30.5

Right After:

  • Top- 26.5
  • Middle- 27
  • Bottom- 30

After 24 Hours:

  • Top- 25.75
  • Middle- 26.5
  • Bottom- 29.5

After 72 Hours:

  • Top- 25.5
  • Middle- 25
  • Bottom- 28.75

Total inches lost were 1.25 at the top, 2.5 at the middle, and 1.25 at the bottom after my very first wrap.  Especially with all of the weddings coming up in the family, I would most definitely use these wraps again.  I admit that I even asked Mr. Determined how he would feel about me ordering a few month’s worth of them to try using them regularly.  (He said no of course, but a woman’s gotta try right?)  I think the results were awesome for it being just a single wrap and using them was such a pleasant experience that it’s something I could do regularly with comfort.

Want to try ItWorks for yourself?  Connect with Gina on Facebook and check out her personal online store to see the deals available to get your ready for Summer.



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