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I told you guys last year how much I loved the goodies from Tokyo Blossom Boutique when I did an entire outfit based around a pair of her earrings last year.  The A Pop of Coral feature was a big hit with everyone and her earrings have still been a big hit with me.  I have a green pair that I love to pair with my favorite brown tops and vintage green denim jacket.  With Julie’s help, I’m indulging in another of my favorite retro-style pieces.

peter pan collar necklace
Gold Fleck Peter Pan Collar Necklace by Tokyo Blossom Boutique

I cannot tell you how often I’ve seen dresses on places like ModCloth with these adorable Peter Pan collars and it’s become popular to not only have them on the dress, but as a necklace.  If you follow me on Instagram (You should.  I’m awesome.) you probably saw my excitement when I opened my new package from Tokyo Blossom and my new sparkly, gold-threaded necklace.  It just happened to be a perfect match for my sweater that day too.  (On a side note, every time I get something from her it has this adorable little paper crane in the package.  I stick it at Mr. Determined’s spot at the dinner table to let him I got new goodies.)

I love handmade jewelry because there’s not a ton of them out there.  I’ve even been looking at Etsy and Storenvy for my bridal jewelry because I don’t want the same tiara that every other bride has.  I make a lot of my own beads and bracelets to have something truly individual to go with my strange, 50’s inspired wardrobe.

Other Accessory Shops Worth Buying From

  • Bit of Sugar– I recently bought a mana bottle necklace for an equally geeky friend of mine from this shop.  It not only got there really quickly, but I was able to let them know in advance that it was a gift so that there was no receipt in the package.  This shop has a huge assortment of absolutely adorable jewelry ranging from delicate message-in-a-bottle pendants to peanut butter and jelly sandwich friend necklaces.  The prices are extremely affordable.  (I really want this pink cupcake necklace from them!)
  • Designs by April– This store is full of monogrammed, customized everything at really decent prices.  I love the totes and child belts, but my favorite item in the shop is definitely the monogrammed sports bra.  Those are my top of choice during my cardio sessions.  I also love the idea of all of her personalized clutches to be used for gifts for the bridal party.
  • Dreamful Designs– Given a big enough credit card, I would buy this store out of their stock.  The steam punk themed jewelry here is great and fits not only with those of us running around covered in gears, but also people who may be wearing a more Victorian-era style outfit.  These classy Victorian Hair Clips have beautiful little yellow roses on them and would work for any fashion style.
  • Treasures Handcrafted Elegance– Wedding fever is a sickness.  I admit to spending probably 4 hours already this month searching for bridal jewelry, but I keep coming back to this shop.  This pearl necklace with a gorgeous purple stone tops my I Need It List.  They have a little bit of everything.  Some of their necklaces even have hanging designs in the back to give a little extra sparkle and elegance to the open area of a strapless or backless dress.

Have you ever bought accessories from a small boutique or handmade shop?


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