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While I was browsing Storenvy, drooling over all of the things I couldn’t have, I ran across a contest being run by Wanderlustiny.  I won (yay!) and received two gorgeous items to add to my arsenal of accessories.  I love vintage style jewelry, especially anything bronze that can be worked into a steam punk theme.

wanderlustiny necklace

Feather Red Gemstone Heart Necklace

This item was the first thing I envied at the store and I’m so happy to have it.  This red gemstone necklace is on a long chain and features both a beautiful front and back.  The pendant isn’t overly heavy and hangs nicely from the chain.  The stone in the center is smooth and shiny with a great deal of clarity.  (Little Bug asked if I had “jello in [my] metal heart”.)  I was really happy that Mr. Determined noticed this right away and loved the vintage style of it.

Retro Hair Combs

Retro Bronze Birds Hair Combs

Hair combs are such a lost art.  Long before the days of the scrunchie, combs and pins were one of the primary ways that women kept their manes under control.  These small bronze bird combs come in a pack of two and are great for holding back the hair at the temples when used as a control accessory.  Because of the beautiful birds that top them, they’re also great as a decorative accessory.  I’ve worn them three different ways with three different outfits already.  I wore them crossing the grain of the hair to pull it away from my ears.  I wore them right next to a thick headband to make it look like they were perched on it.  I also wore them near the back of my head in a ponytail so that they kind of looked like hair clips, just for decoration.

feather heart ringfeather heart bracelet

Things I’m Still Coveting

A woman is never really satisfied, is she?  There are several things I still have my eye on and have emailed to Mr. Determined as gentle suggestions.  There’s still a ring and a bracelet that match the necklace.  I need the set right?

What’s your favorite thing in the Wanderlustiny shop?



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