Minnie Mouse for Big Girls

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I’m hoping Mr. Determined was nosey enough to check out my list of Valentine’s Day Gifts because I would totally be happy with any of them.  He’s awesome, but we’re far from perfect just like any other couple.  I always think of the sign that hangs over our doorway that says, “And they lived happily ever after” and laugh.  That’s for Disney princesses.  Even if I do constantly joke that I’ve lived out my favorite Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast… he’s the Beast), there’s no better Disney couple than Minnie and Mickey.  They’ve been through it all.  They’re like that old couple who sits on the porch in rocking chairs telling the rest of us how they made it this long.

For this week’s Fashion Friday, I’ve done a Valentine’s Day get-up that’s a very special Minnie Mouse for Big Girls look.  There’s Disney jewelry and a little red bow, but no obvious branding on the dress, shoes, or purse.  Instead it takes her red and white dots on a more muted background and couples it with slimming black on this wiggle dress.

Minnie Mouse for Big Girls

I’m such a fan of this dress that I would have bought it if it were in my size.  It’s only $56 which is a really good price for any “retro” dresses.  It’d be perfect for going to lunch with my friend who made this super-cute and easy Mickey Mouse Outfit.  Or posing if I somehow manage to win my friend Jodi’s giveaway that’s going on right now.  She’s giving away cute plushies of Disney’s perfect couple along with a copy of her book.  Then we can beg Debra to help us plan Disney attractions.

I’ll admit it.  I’m a Disneyland virgin.  I went to a convention once across the street from Disney California and saw the fireworks from my hotel room.  Does that count?  I’m going to have to keep the items in this particular collection saved for when I actually go someday with the boys.  Maybe with more casual shoes for once. . . Maybe.

A Touch of Disney Glam Magic

Honorable mention for the ring here.  It has a Mickey Mouse silhouette in the positions they would have drawn him in during the old days of animation.  The entire center section of the ring spins, so it gives the illusion of him walking on your finger as you play with it.  Let the procrastination while you stare at your finger commence!

In all seriousness though, this ring didn’t fit the motif for this week’s outfit.  However, it’s an amazing gift for anyone you know who needs a little extra Disney magic in their life.  Click here to see This ring and other amazing Disney jewelry.


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