Tasty Tuesday Top 10 of 2012 Countdown

tasty tuesday2012 is over and toward the end of it, I was able to share a bunch of great recipes and ideas for in-the-kitchen fun.  Here’s the round up of the ten most popular tasty posts of 2012!

10. Morning Monkeys– A pancake recipe with sweet fruit and marshmallows that turn it into an adorable little friend in the morning for your child to enjoy.

9. Mini Pizzas- Low Calorie, crispy pizzas made on an English muffin and able to be customized separately for all of the picky eaters in your house.

8. What to do with Leftover Ham- Written for Easter, but great for all holidays.  Here’s some ideas of what to do with that ham other than just sticking it in the microwave.

7. Momma’s Atomic Salsa– This salsa has one heckuva kick without sacrificing any delicious flavor.  This is a favorite gift to the extended family members.

6. What to do with Leftover Turkey– Just like with the ham recipes, I need to have some creative things to do with all of my leftover Thanksgiving Turkey.


5. Copycat Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce– I gained so much weight when I ate fast food all the time, so this sauce was my very first attempt at using healthier alternatives at home and keeping the same taste as some fast food favorites.

4. Round Steak– This is our dinner for special occasions and it’s comfort food at its finest.  Round Steak is an easy crock-pot recipe.

3. Paleo Pancakes– I have many friends who are following the Paleo diet and I just had to jump on the bandwagon for some of my recipes.

2. Bierrocks– Don’t run when you see cabbage listed in the ingredients.  This recipe is for delicious, meat and veggie stuffed biscuits that are easy to make and a family favorite.

Blackened Chicken Alfredo

Number One Recipe of 2012- Blackened Chicken Alfredo: This has a little kick (Momma loves spicy food!) and is amazing with a nice bottle of Chardonnay.  This is our date-night kind of meal.


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