Why My Life Is Like A Dirty Britney Spears Video

Some people might find it offensive, but I think the video for Britney Spears’ “If You Seek Amy” is hilarious.

If you were to see me at the grocery store or out and about, I would look like her at the end of the video: I don’t leave without makeup on.  I wear dresses or a skirt every day.  I even have 3 different strands of pearls.  Our little family of four with dogs goes out together and look like we jumped right out of Stepford.  I think people who know me intimately though find it entertaining.

Don’t get me wrong; I really am an honest-to-goodness Stepford Wife.  I bake because I enjoy it, our home is always clean, I iron all of Mr. Determined’s clothes, and very rarely do we eat anything resembling convenience food.


During my life in the corporate world, I was the one telling naughty jokes and objectifying the men on the IT staff.  I sold “novelty” items for Pure Romance and held demo parties.  I never curse in front of my little Bugs, but when it’s just Mr. Determined and I you’d think I swear like a sailor (especially when video games are involved).  And then there’s the whole video game thing.

 girl at blizzcon

I worked for a video game store for 5 years and still play them from time to time, I still have an active account for 3 different MMO games, I’m a certified judge for a popular trading card game, and I have a massive stash of Dungeons and Dragons books.  I’ve dressed up and gone to conventions and before having the kids, I even took time  off of work when a game that I wanted came out.

mom avatars

So what’s the point?  I suppose I don’t really have one.  I had a friend mention to me that watching music videos makes him think about different parts of his life and I can’t help but think that this one’s like mine.  It’s about time I stop being fearful of the interwebz and start letting my voice slip in here from time to time.  Appearances are important, but so is being my fun, possibly (likely) insane, self.  Sweet on the outside where people can see and a little bad-for-you on the inside, so I’m like a really delicious and calorie-filled chocolate truffle.

 What’s your video?

Tell me in the comments what video(s) fit your life or something about you.  If you have a blog, write about it and link it up!


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