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I’m already a member of Swagbucks and Superpoints, so I was skeptical at joining another points program (even though I love the other two!).  GiftHulk definitely seems like a winner though so far.

The most unique feature about GiftHulk is the treasure box.  From their site:

Every day you will get Treasure Keys – they will give you a chance to open the Treasure Box and win prizes!
The Treasure Box can award you with Hulk Coins, Boosts, Gifts, and Fountain of Youth Codes. These rewards are just a few of them you can receive!
How do you use your Treasure Keys? Just click “Insert Key” on the Treasure Box page! It couldn’t be easier! 

They also have a really great variety of gift cards available and they don’t cost much to earn.  The other rewards?  Let’s just say there’s a section called “Coolest Things Ever” and it’s a geek paradise.  Facebook Game addicts will be happy to find several gift cards for companies like Zynga (Farmville, Words With Friends).  There’s even cards for World Of Warcraft and Xbox Live.  They had me hooked when I saw Toys’R’Us and Victoria’s Secret cards along with just straight cash.  Cash is always good. :)

Want to start this new adventure with me?  Get your invitation to GiftHulk and start getting rewards HERE>>>

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking for new programs where I can earn gift cards and stuff.
    Diane N – Philzendia recently posted..Trying a New Skin Care RegimenMy Profile

  2. Sounds awesome. I haven’t played any games besides Draw Something and Words With Friends in a while now.
    Melody recently posted..The Opposite Side of CustodyMy Profile

    • Hi I just signed up I’m just woendring if I happen to redeem an amazon giftcard or any giftcard and I give it to people I want to give giftcard to that should not be a problem with superpoints right? I have swagbucks and redeem my points for amazon giftcard. I apply those giftcards to my husband’s amazon account because he have prime membership and there’s no problem with that. I just want to make sure would that be a problem with superpoints? because I read that they are strict with their membership compliance. Thanks

  3. I’m going to have to come back and sign up. I’m already doing Superpoints and Swagbucks too and I’m sure I will like this as well. I’m always looking for something to get a little extra cash here and there. Thanks for sharing this.
    Nicoyle recently posted..Is Homework Getting Harder & Harder?My Profile

  4. Interesting! Thank you for sharing… I actually thought this had something to do with “The incredible Hulk”..must be I am
    Becky Ryan-Willis recently posted..Homemade Beef Stroganoff by Mom WillisMy Profile

    • Hi, Teri, the person sinnipng gets the points and the person who signed them up gets the points. When a person under one member wins points ONLY the person directly above them (the person who invited them)gets the points–the person above THEM does not get anything.So, yes, the benefit is only for the person who originally shared the link. That is one reason I have the other post where readers can share their links–so we can all find Superpoints “friends” as they are called on the site.It is by invite only currently. You may want to ask around your friends if they are members and the will be glad to send you a link.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look into that!
    Kallie Greenly recently posted..Preschool Flower PotsMy Profile

  6. Oh that’s neat! I love SuperPoints and SwagBucks so I’ll have to check this one out. :D

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