Morning Monkeys Breakfast Recipe

Today I promised my oldest son a special  breakfast because his potty training has been going so well.  I made him his favorite “monkey”.

I used pancake mix from a box to save time (Hungry Jack blueberry wheat pancakes) and asked him what color he would like.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the pancake is purple on the inside.  I used 3 drops of blue coloring and 2 drops of red.  While you’re mixing and cooking the pancake, let two marshmallows sit out in the air to toughen the outside just a little.  Immediately after taking the pancake out of the pan, push the marshmallow eyes in.  The ears are two sections of clementine oranges (they’ve been on sale at our Kroger for weeks.) and the smile is honey.  I set the pancake down on a little bit of syrup for him.  That way it’s soaked into the pancake and a little less of a mess for mom!


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